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    Glass knowledge small popular science - glass bottle classification
    Time:2018-08-04 15:52:17      Number Of Clicks:368
    A glass bottle is a transparent container made by blowing molten glass and moulding. There are many kinds of glass bottles, and the classification is as follows:
    (1) classification by bottle mouth size
    Small mouth bottle. It is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of less than 20mm in the bottle mouth. It is used for packaging liquid materials, such as soda and beer.
    Big bottle. The glass bottle with the inner diameter between 20 and 30mm in the bottle mouth is thicker and shorter, such as milk bottle.
    The jar. Also known as the can bottle, the inside diameter of the bottle mouth is greater than 30mm, its neck and shoulders are shorter, the bottle shoulder is more flat, mostly in the shape of cans or cups. Because of the large bottle mouth, it is easy to load and discharge materials, and is used to pack canned food and sticky materials.
    (2) classification by bottle geometry
    Round bottles. The round body section is the most widely used bottle type with high strength.
    Square bottle. The body of the bottle is square, this kind of bottle strength is lower than round bottle, and it is difficult to manufacture, so it is used less.
    Curved bottle. Although the cross section is round, it is curved in the height direction. There are two kinds of internal concave and external convex, such as vase type and gourd type.
    Oval bottle. The section is ellipse, although the capacity is small, but the shape is unique, the user also likes very much.
    (3) classification by use
    Wine bottle. Alcohol production is huge, almost all in glass bottles, mainly round bottles.
    Daily packaging glass bottles. Usually used for packaging various daily commodities, such as cosmetics, ink, glue, olive oil, etc., because of the variety of commodities, its bottle shape and sealing are also diversified.
    Tin. There are many kinds of canned food and large output, so it is an organic whole. Multi-purpose wide-mouthed bottle, the capacity is generally 0.2 ~ 0.5L.
    Medicine bottles. This is a glass bottle used for packaging medicine. It has a capacity of 10~200mL, a small brown bottle with a small mouth, a 100 ~ 1000mL infusion bottle, a completely sealed ampoule and so on.
    Chemical bottle. Used for packaging various chemical reagents, the capacity is usually 250 ~ 1200mL, the bottle mouth is mostly screw or grinding mouth.
    (4) by color
    There are clear colorless bottles, white bottles, brown bottles, green bottles and blue bottles.
    (5) classification by bottleneck shape
    There are neck bottles, no neck bottles, long neck bottles, short neck bottles, thick neck bottles and fine neck bottles

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