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    A brief discussion on the common thermal production method in glass bottle factory
    Time:2018-08-04 15:50:13      Number Of Clicks:312
    In addition to the cold work in the deep processing of glass bottles, the glass bottle factory is more commonly used in the heat work, that is, between the melting point (1450 degrees) and the cooling point (450 degrees).
    The mould pressing method will melt the hot glass paste into the carved pattern into a block shape while the pattern is also pressed. In sand mold casting, the model is pressed into the sand with a moderate depth to spray wet acetylene to avoid the collapse of the sand mold. The glass is anointed into the sand mold and then taken out and cooled slightly before grinding. Germination is one of the earliest techniques used to make glass Windows. First, the germination is made by mixing soil and horse dung to make the germination.
    The lamp torch thermoplastics is heated with a small spray gun or a lamp torch, which is also called the lamp torch thermoplastics. It only USES various kinds of boron glass color or sodium glass color rods, with the skills of elongation, distortion and wire winding, etc., and is continuously combined into a model, suitable for small and exquisite performance, such as glass beads, animals and plants. And because the glass rod used is different to distinguish: solid, hollow and drawing hot plastic, in addition can also be matched with color painting to increase the interest of the work.
    After enclosing the wax mould with refractory gypsum in dewaxing casting method, the glass raw material and the empty mould are put into the furnace at the same time for heating. Under high temperature, the glass slowly flows into the mould for forming. In the powder casting process, glass blocks and glass powder are filled into the pre-designed model, and then put into the furnace to heat up and melt into the whole glass work.
    Finally, there is a familiar glass bottle factory production process - blowing. Blowing originated from the Roman empire in the first year of the western yuan, and is still the most important, most widely used and most varied method of making glass. Most of the blowing process is mainly window, and the process is to dip the melting glass paste into the hair dryer, to form small bubbles by blowing air, and then use the tool to heat the mold, and then use the other hair dryer to dip a small amount of glass into the bottom of the bridge as the action, knock down the work xu cold.

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