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    The production process of glass bottle
    Time:2018-08-04 15:48:49      Number Of Clicks:333
    Glass bottle is a traditional beverage packaging container in China. Even when many kinds of packaging materials enter the market, glass container still occupies an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that cannot be replaced by other packaging materials. The glass bottle is non-toxic and tasteless. Transparent, beautiful, good barrier, impervious to air, rich and universal raw materials, low price, and can be used for multiple turnover. It has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance and cleaning resistance. It can be sterilized at high temperature and stored at low temperature. Therefore, it has become the main packaging container of food, medicine and chemical industry.
    The production process of glass bottle is as follows:
    1. Raw materials pre-processing. Crush block raw materials (quartz sand, pure alkali, limestone, feldspar, etc.), dry the wet raw materials, and remove the iron containing raw materials to ensure the quality of glass.
    2. Preparation of coordination materials.
    3. Melting. The glass material is heated at high temperature (1550-1600 degrees) in the pit or furnace to form even, bubble-free and liquid glass that meets the molding requirements.
    4. Molding. Put the liquid glass into the mold to make the glass products of the required shape, such as flat plate, various utensils, etc.
    5. Heat treatment. Through annealing, quenching and other processes, the stress, phase separation or crystallization inside the glass are eliminated or generated, and the structural state of the glass is changed.

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